Training Contents

In this section the training materials developed in the Skillwind project are available to download. They have been designed to be accessible by the different knowledge levels, from people with general notions on wind energy  to people already working in the sector and taking also into consideration thos who acquired the most basic concepts by other means and would like to broaden their knowledge. They were thought to be read before using the SeriousGame and while using it in order to clarify the technical concepts that were not understood at the beginning and to acquire solid knowledge about wind energy.

During the first nine months of the project, the consortium has worked together to identify the qualifications that must be available to professionals in the sector and in the development of the European Standardized Training Program which has been designed based on the following structure:

This is the first time that a project of these characteristics has this approach. After the evaluation of different alternatives, was decided to structure the contents according to the following scheme:

From the scheme above it can be deduced that the training modules are structured from basics concepts to advanced ones being the training modules the following:

  1. Basic concepts
  2. Engineering, procurement, commission and operation
  3. Predictive maintenance
  4. Preventive maintenance
  5. Corrective maintenance
  6. Health and safety

One of the reasons to structure the training modules as it was stated before it that the personnel responsible for preventive maintenance usually do not undertake activities related to corrective maintenance and the training for the blade maintenance and high voltage equipment are more specific than other trainings.

The wind turbines described in the training modules are the ones using Double Fed Inductive Generator (DFIG) because they are widely used all over the world and majority of new wind farms have these type of wind turbines.

In addition, in the Health and Safety index the structure from the Basic Safety Course of the Global Wind Organization (GWO), which is an international organization linked with the safety training, have been included as this organization is becoming a global standard globally supported by the wind industry.