Skillwind interactive application obtains good results as a training tool in Wind Energy maintenance

The first version of Skillwind interactive application developed in the project of the same name whose aim is to standardize the training in wind energy maintenance at European level was presented the 12th of July before some AEE associates and REOLTEC members in order to evaluate it. All the attendees agreed in their evaluation of the great usefulness of the tool for the training development of the sector, in addition to adding some ideas in order to improve it.

Members of the technical team of AEE presented the main goals of Skillwind project and for the first time, a public demonstration of the Serious game was performed. This training tool is innovative in the wind energy sector with which users could obtain wind energy knowledge by distance learning in the wind energy maintenance. During the Pilot meeting, AEE explained all the game modes and the app functioning before almost 30 attendees whom evaluated the developed product quality and introduced several improvement proposals as well some innovate future uses for the app in the wind energy sector. The possibility of introducing the multiplayer mode in the game or the use of QR codes to extract the game results were two of them.

At the end of the meeting, AEE ask to complete the quiz given to the attendees in order to have an anonymous evaluation of Skillwind’s interactive tool. Among the main evaluations the great usefulness of the project in the wind energy training development was outlined. In the following graphic the proposals of the attendees are structured by percentage which was obtained after evaluating sadistically the quizzes.



Improvement proposals outlined by the attendees in the quizzes

Skillwind project was born due to the demand in several European countries for the development of standardized training in the wind energy, which would lead to the homogenization of the training contents and would help the mobility of staff between different countries.

AEE forms part of this Project consortium among other associations and companies which are ANEV (Italian Wind Energy Association), the consultant SGS (member of AEE), Brunel University of London and Wind Europe (European Wind Energy Association).

Skillwind Project counts with the support of the Erasmus+ from the European Commission, and whose end will be in October of 2017.


Presentation of the first version of the Serious Game

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