The Serious Game beta version is now ready to download

Here is the latest version of the Serious Game application ready to download.

At the moment it is only available for android phone devices, but it would be soon ready to use in iOS devices. If it is to be played in a computer, a desktop game emulator is needed. If this is the case there are several game emulators available for free in the web, for instance Blue Stacks.

To install it in your ANDROID phone:

  1. Please, check that you are using an android device with the software updated at least to version 5.
  2. Download the .apk file in your phone device.
  3. Allow the installation when the pop-up safety question appears in your screen. In some phone devices, it might be needed to modify the option “allow the installation of application from unknown origin” in the set up menu. It will be found in Set up menu/Additional adjustments/Privacy/Unknown origin.
  4. Now, the Skillwind logo must have appeared on your phone desktop. Click with your finger on it and you will be ready to play!

To install it in your pc:

  1. Download the Skillwind .apk file in your pc.
  2. Blue Stacks could be downloaded at Once downloaded, install it in your pc.
  3. Then, open the Blue Stacks environment by clicking on its icon. It contains three different tabs.
  4. Go to “My applications” tab and click on the icon “+”. The program will open a window menu to select the folder which contains.apk file. Please, select the Skillwind app file.
  5. Blue Stacks environment will upload it and create a direct access icon in “My applications” tab.
  6. By clicking twice on the Skillwind icon, the game will be launched.


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