About the Project

SKILLWIND project proposes a technological innovation in training for the power wind industry which is one of the most innovative and technological sectors. The project is developing an European and interactive tool of virtual learning with normalized interactive and digital contents in the form of a game application, taking advantage of the best technologies of the information of the market that will suppose a ” strategic development of the sector ” because it will improve substantially the service of training given at present, allowing a more dynamic formative management and contributing effectively in improving the available training tools in the industry, taking a further step towards the excellence.

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SKILLWIND Better training workshop
4 October 2017, L42, Brussels

How can education and training help fill the gap in O&M and health and safety? What education and training is needed to ensure first-class workers to sustain the industry’s growth? At this workshop, education and training experts in the wind industry and representatives of the European institutions will address these challenges.


Serious Game

To play in the SKILLWIND Serious Game is necessary to answer the questions organized in six different training modules structured in five difficulty levels.

Interactive App. Demostration

SKILLWIND interactive application obtains good results as a training tool for Wind Energy maintenance

Serious Game

The Serious Game  in Android/iOS is now ready to download. Please follow the instructions.

Meetings & Events

Summary of all the meetings that made the launch of The Serius Game project possible.


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